“Girlfriend Therapy® is a full deliverance ministry. We understand and fully embrace the ministry that God has called us to and we count it a blessing to be used to help build God’s women.”
~ Kwanza, Founder


GFT Conference

Girlfriend Therapy® Conference is an annual conference for women to gather in the spirit of sisterhood and fellowship to celebrate the goodness of our God. It is a time for women to lay down their burdens and be renewed and encouraged by messages of hope that inspire them on their journey to becoming all that God has designed them to be. As women we can become so entangled by the demands of life that we often lose sight of who we are in Christ. Girlfriend Therapy® Conference is a time to disconnect from the demands of life and reconnect to our life’s purpose in Christ Jesus.

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GFT Forum

Girlfriend Therapy® Forum is a quarterly event that brings women together to fellowship in a small and intimate setting. Women often carry the world of their families on their shoulders and sometimes we just need to be encouraged in the faith. The Girlfriend Therapy® Forum offers a relaxed environment for women to talk candidly about their day to day struggles and find support from other women with like experiences. The Word of God teaches us that we should come together so that we can be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith (Romans 1:12).

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GFT Healing Circle

Girlfriend Therapy® Healing Circle is an 8-week session offered bi-annually for a very small group of women who are seeking spiritual deliverance. The women meet weekly to begin the work of breaking every stronghold that is holding them back from being all that God has designed them to be. Through a series of reflections, and spiritual exercise we dig deep and do the real work to “Uproot, Tear down, Destroy, Overthrow, Re-Build and Plant.” (Jeremiah 5:10) to put the pieces of our lives back together so that we might live victoriously!

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